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CDAP service definition for Ambari

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08-Jul-2019 18:30:49 Create APT repository definition file
08-Jul-2019 18:30:49 Create APT repository tarball
08-Jul-2019 18:30:49 Complete: cdap-aptrepo-6.1.tar.gz created
08-Jul-2019 18:30:49 Copying packages to /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/CDAP-AMBS-JOB1/cdap/cdap-distributions/target/yumrepo/6.1/rpms
08-Jul-2019 18:30:49 - /var/bamboo/xml-data/build-dir/CDAP-AMBS-JOB1/cdap/cdap-distributions/target/cdap-ambari-service-
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 Signing cdap-ambari-service- with key
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 spawn rpm --addsign -D _signature gpg -D _gpg_name cdap-ambari-service-
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 Enter pass phrase:
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 Pass phrase is good.
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 cdap-ambari-service-
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 cdap-ambari-service- rsa sha1 (md5) pgp md5 OK
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 Exporting GPG key to staging directory
08-Jul-2019 18:30:50 Creating repository 6.1 in staging directory
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Spawning worker 0 with 1 pkgs
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Workers Finished
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Gathering worker results
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Saving Primary metadata
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Saving file lists metadata
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Saving other metadata
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Generating sqlite DBs
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Sqlite DBs complete
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Create YUM repository definition file
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Create YUM repository tarball
08-Jul-2019 18:30:51 Complete: cdap-yumrepo-6.1.tar.gz created